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Meet The Chef

It's quite funny actually, but becoming a chef was never my original ambition. I had always dreamed of becoming a professional esports player. But I really hated my parents' cooking, and I found myself in the culinary world out of necessity. I began teaching myself how to cook, just to avoid eating their cooking and eventually, I even enrolled in the prestigious Institute Paul Bocuse.

At the age of 18, I joined the renowned Les Amis, a 2 Michelin star French restaurant in Singapore, and was part of the team that earned the coveted 3 Michelin stars. Following that, I found myself at Restaurant Zen, where coincidentally, I was also part of the team that achieved 3 Michelin stars. Because you know I'm the good luck charm!

Now at 22, I'm all about letting my culinary skills shine on the plate and pushing the boundaries of traditional fine dining. But I'm not stopping there - I want to create an atmosphere that's totally chill and laid-back, where you can kick back and enjoy some seriously good eats without any stuffy formalities.



At Your Service

Please share some details about your event, so that I can start crafting a unique gastronomic experience for you.

Tel :9844 1292
Instagram: 2sidesdining


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