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In the heart of Southeast Asia, my senses awakened and offered me a fresh outlook. Although our French essence is still at heart, I eagerly embrace the influence of our encounters in this melting pot, harmonizing with our local produces, and delving into indigenous elements, and flavours prevalent across this region. My guests can expect a thoughtfully curated menu that showcases my passion for French techniques and sometimes with a touch of Asian influence

Guests can experience a 6 - 8 course menu depending on preferences with the usual menu format of:


Amuse Bouche 

Appetizer 1

Appetizer 2


Palate Cleanser


Petit Four/Mignardises

Our Rates

Our menu is based on produce availability. Our Pricing varies depending on the guest and their preferences, with a minimum charge of $160 per pax and a minimum group of 6 pax per booking.

Alcohol Pairing is available upon request.

Most dietary restrictions cannot be catered to unless prior agreement.


BOYB! No corkage charge.

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