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2 Sides

2 Sides Dining symbolizes the dual nature of my culinary philosophy, emphasizing both innovation and tradition. On one side, it represents my modern take on classic dishes, where I infuse traditional recipes with contemporary techniques and presentations. This approach breathes new life into beloved staples, offering a familiar yet exciting experience.

On the other side, it highlights my passion for incorporating Asian ingredients into my cuisine. This not only introduces unique flavours and textures but also showcases the rich diversity of Asian ingredients. By blending these elements with other culinary traditions, I create a harmonious fusion that reflects the dynamic and evolving nature of food.

In essence, 2 Sides captures my commitment to honouring the past while embracing the future, delivering a dining experience that is both nostalgic and innovative.

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Patagonian Toothfish

My take on curry fish, succulent toothfish served with glazed vegetables and a sweet full-bodied curry sauce, ask me what's so special about it when you dine with me.

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5 Stones Pasta

Fresh pasta parcels made with matcha, stuffed with lobster, ricotta and okra seeds served with lobster bisque.

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